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Below are the kitchen tips and tricks..Please endevour to place your comments to enable us see your point of views.You mean so much to us...Happy veiwing
Many of our fans said they initially followed us on social media because of the tips we provided. I have taken a hiatus on some of the tips because I am trying to discover new ones. For those that may have missed some of the tips we provided on social media, here you go.
1. When cooking, if you want to stop water from boiling over, place a wooden spoon over the pot...

2. Hate that onion or garlic smell that refuses to go after several washes? Rub your hands in your stainless steel sink or a stainless steel spoon and the smell comes off.

how to remove onion smell from hands
3. To Clean Smoked Fish; Use an iron sponge to scrub it or deep it in hot water and scrub with salt.

4.To make sure your okro/okra does not lose its resilience (to make sure it draws), do not cover the pot when cooking it.
how to make okro draw
5. When cooking Ogbono, fry the ogbono in a little palm oil to break it down so it does not end up lumpy in your soup.
6. To Prevent egg shells from cracking when boiling, add a pinch of salt to the water.
prevent egg from cracking with salt
7. Do you have plastic bowls with tomato stains? To avoid that in the future, rub some vegetable oil in the bowl before pouring in your tomato. To revive the old ones, place the bowl in the sun for a few hours, it would reduce the tomato appearance significantly.
8. When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting stinky.
plastic Bowls stinky proBlem with salt
9. To reuse cooking oil without tasting whatever was cooked previously in the oil, cook a chunk of ginger in the oil and the taste of what was previously cooked will be gone.
10. Can’t finish your fruits or plantain in one seating? Spray lemon juice over the top and put in the fridge. Days after it does not rot.
how to preserve plantains
11. To prevent the pepper sting on your hands, rub oil on your hands before handling.
12. To prevent avocados from browning, place in a bowl of onions or squirt with lemon juice.

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